Effective Ways to Increase Consumer Response – Postcard Marketing

The postcard is the workhorse of direct marketing. Postal marketing really works, which is why direct marketers have used this marketing tool for decades. You can use postcard marketing with any form of marketing. To get the best return on your investment, you need to make constant improvements in all aspects of your postcard marketing campaigns. Here are some effective ways to increase consumer response rates with postcard marketing. You can also get additional information on real estate direct mail postcards from Mail King USA

Start with the big idea:

A good offer can motivate your target audience to respond immediately. A beautiful postcard alone cannot motivate people; you need to have a solid promise of value.

Mailing List:

After deciding on a great idea for your direct mail postcard, you need to create a mailing list to match the best audience profile as closely as possible. An internal list of the target market is the best way to go. You can call an expert to help you.

Postcard title

With the direct mail postcard, you only have a few seconds to grab the reader's attention. It can be referred to as a golden peek the moment a postcard comes out of the mailbox, whether to attract them or not. A strong headline can help contribute to the title of a postcard. The title of your postcard must contain the following characteristics:

The consumer can read accurately at a glance

Should be interesting

Call to action

Postcard image:

Postcards have limited space, so you should choose only one image for the dominant postcard on the unaddressed side of the postcard. Make sure your postcard image is compatible with the title mentioned. An image must contain the following characteristics:

Message clarity

Never assume that your target audience will understand your product and service as well as you, they can't. Therefore, you should have a crystal clear message on your postcard that is easy to understand with a single read.


Learn more about mortgage direct mail

Direct Mail has long been a proven and trusted marketing strategy for many of the most successful mortgage companies in the industry. If you are considering a direct mail campaign, here are five things to know before making any major investments:

1) Targeting the most qualified prospects

Direct Mail success all starts with a list. It sounds simple, but it is true. About half of the investment goes to postage, so why spend on unqualified prospects? Credit bureau data ensures you attract already eligible borrowers based on a strict set of guidelines including verified FICO score, mortgage type, balances, payment history, and personal loans. If you are looking for the best mortgage direct mail companies, then you can search over the internet.

2) Create a compelling mail piece

It involves a simple formula for calculating monthly savings, based on your mortgage data, resulting in a call to request a free quote. As for the format, instant packet mailing and confidential personal style will help increase your open rate, unlike an envelope that screams "advertising" and is quickly thrown into a pile of junk mail.

3) Time control myself

Every Marketing Specialist at Mail Direct wants to know "when will my phone start ringing?" The truth is that no one can say exactly. Timing is everything and the best way to control the spreading droplets that arrive daily and consistently.

4) Maximize your budget

Let's face it, direct mail isn't cheap. Think about it, even at the most conservative response rate, you are speaking to qualified, shortlisted prospects to call you directly to apply for a mortgage; Imagine how great the conversion rate can be.