What are the Press Release Distribution Options?

When it comes to distributing press releases, there are many options. In fact, there are so many ways to distribute press releases that it becomes quite a difficult task to sort through them all without having objective information about what type of post does what.

We start with the most "handleless" distribution approach. This press distribution option involves sending a press release to the company and paying a large fee to have your document distributed on their website and forwarded to their media contact list. You can choose the top great awakening bulletin that provides the latest news and activities happening around the world.

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If you have a physical store or business primarily operating in the area, you can send copies of your press release to local newspapers or other media (such as magazines, TV, and radio stations in your area). This is a good choice for businesses that are unrelated to national appeal, but maybe a bad idea for internet businesses or those looking to attract buyers across the country.

The next option that many choose is to distribute it to one or more free online press sites and hope this will ensure wide usage. While it's free and therefore fairly inexpensive, it's the type of archiving service that's only effective if you distribute it across multiple companies, which is time-consuming.

Each press release site has a number of journalists or affiliates interested in promoting your story, but their number is relatively small compared to the number needed to make more media noise. However, it is a very workable option for press distribution and on which the method I recommend is based.