The Power Of Client Testimonial Videos

Like everything else in digital marketing, video is the best format when it comes to customer feedback. Why? In short, video testimonials have been proven to be 90% more effective than written testimonials. 

Additionally, research shows that viewers retain 95% of messages when watching them in the video (compared to 10% when reading the same message in text). You can also know more about customer testimonial videos through various online sources.

While customer testimonials take more work, they are more personal, feel much more authentic, and add the extra effect of persuasion and individuality. So how do you actually make customer testimonials in the form of videos? Here are three basic elements to keep in mind:

1. Focus on HISTORY

Like any other area of video marketing, customer testimonials are all about telling stories. Videos shouldn't feel like long ads for your business. Focus on the customer journey, their personal story. By creating stories and guiding viewers through your entire customer experience, you have a much better chance of converting viewers into new customers.


Don't get hung up on generic customer feedback or empty, shallow words about your brand. To build trust with customers, you want your customers to share the tangible and specific results they receive after making a purchase from your company. This quirk can be one of the strongest elements of a highly recommended video. 

By sharing customer findings, you provide potential customers with data points and specific numbers and help them visualize how your product or service could benefit them. To achieve this, you can ask your customers to share how their sales increased, how many customers they got, how many new leads they got, and so on.