Some Designing Tips To Remember When Creating Business Cards In Ireland

1. Don’t forget about your bleed area

Unless the background of your business card is white you’ll need to include a bleed area. It’s important to have a bleed area (usually about 3mm) to ensure there are no borders or areas missed from the print. A bleed will also ensure your business card prints the way you want it. 

2. Quality paper goes a long way

Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to the card used for your business card. As it may often be the first time someone comes in contact with your brand, this is the perfect chance for you to make the right impression. 

A thicker card from will add a more professional look and feel to your business card and also mean it will be less likely to get damaged when being handed out. 

3. Colours that work

While the text is important for your business cards, color can also play a big role. This doesn’t mean you need to start adding color after color and going for style over substance.

Use colors that fit with your industry and work with your customer both for text and background images also remember to tie it in with your corporate colors. That being said, sticking to one color or even just using a shade like black or light grey can also work well.