Know More About Fuel Cleaning

The light, medium, and heavy fuel oils used as fuel for the diesel engines are usually mixed oils or oils leftover from the refining process. These leftovers generally contain an elevated proportion of the wear-increasing components known as cat fines.

The product can also absorb further contaminants from the transport and storage chain. If these oils are combusted in a diesel engine without being treated beforehand, this can result in severe wear on injection nozzles, fuel pumps, cylinder liners, and pistons. The best Lucas oil treatment is the best.

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The consequences are:

  • Leaking valves
  • Coking of the combustion chamber accompanied by reduced cooling performance
  • Corrosion
  • Erosion

Treatment systems with GEA separators put a stop to these undesired consequences: solid foreign substances such as sand, rust, and cat fines are as reliably separated as free water, consequently ruling out encrustation and burning together of important parts of the engine.

The service life of cylinders, pistons, nozzles, and feed pumps is considerably increased. Against this background, even lower-grade oils can be used as fuel without any concerns.