How Does Heating Oil Delivery Work?

Your oil provider will use information based on your oil consumption in order to estimate when you will need a delivery.

The provider will take into consideration your HVAC system’s efficiency, the age of your home, how much fuel you’ve used in previous years, and how big your oil tank is.

In short, they take the guesswork out of the equation and ensure you have oil heat to last you all season long. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then emergency heating oil delivery may be right for you!

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  • Benefits of Automatic Delivery
    Besides the sheer convenience of automatic delivery, you will be building a relationship with your fuel provider and ensuring you never run low on the fuel that you need.
  • There is no additional fee for automatic delivery, and you are able to go all season long without having to worry about running out.
  • If your fuel is from a local company, rest assured your delivery will be prompt and on a schedule that works for you. You’ll pay for the fuel you need, and not a cent more.
  • Crank up the heat on a cold, blustery day and know that automatic delivery will have your house toasty in no time.
  • Your oil delivery company should offer you the choice of on-demand delivery. Keep reading to learn about this other (and equally important) option.

On-Demand Delivery
There are a number of reasons to use this type of service.

  • Perhaps your fuel provider neglected to show up, and it’s negative 15 degrees out.
  • Maybe you got caught up with the holidays and forgot to check how much oil is in your tank, only to realize it’s near empty and inclement weather is on the way.