Emergency First Aid Training

What is emergency first aid?

Emergency first aid training focuses on first aid in case of illness or injury. Treatment is often provided by someone trained in life-saving methods and treating injury and disease. The treatment provided can save lives or make patients more stable and help them recover.

Emergency first aid course is important for everyone because you never know when a situation may arise that requires first aid treatment. In critical situations, emergency operators can sometimes provide simple first aid instructions while the paramedic is on the move. 

 Emergency First Aid Training

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There are two main levels of first aid training:

The first is emergency training, which includes the healthiest procedures and may include instructions for more critical conditions such as heart attacks and heavy bleeding. There is usually no formal assessment.

The second is first aid training on the job. This course covers a wide variety of first aid procedures and an organization will provide a formal assessment. The training company will award you a certificate for this course, which will last three years before you need to recertify. 

Simple first aid training can mean the difference between saving lives and being a helpless observer of tragic events. Search the internet for complete details on various emergency first aid courses.