All About The Types Of TV Wall Mounts

Television is a great invention and a necessity. The TV provides entertainment that helps to reduce stress and loneliness. Many people believe that once they buy a TV, the research is done. However, you need to find high-quality TV Wall Mounts that will secure your TV. SCV Audio Video offers high-quality equipment as well as an easy-to-use system that will enhance your space.

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There are many types of mounts on the market. This brief overview will help you to choose the best TV Mount.

1. Fixed TV Wall Mount – This allows you to mount your TV near the wall. These mounts are flat mounts with a low profile and cannot be moved. They can be mounted on any type of wall.

2. Tilting TV Wall Mount: If your television is above average height and you need to adjust the viewing angle, then the tilting wall mount is the best option.

3. Swivel & Tilt Mount – This mount for TV walls is extremely versatile and very popular. This mount allows you to turn the TV sideways.

4. Corner TV Mounts – Cantilever and Articulating TV Wall Mounts – It is a versatile TV Mount that extends from the wall and offers the best viewing angles and flexibility. These mounts are ideal for Flat Screen TV owners who need maximum adjustability. They can be adjusted horizontally or vertically.

These mounts are available in single-arm or dual-arm versions, with different arm extensions.