When is Orthodontics Treatment Necessary?

Orthodontics has been a very popular treatment for many years. It is common to see adolescents wearing braces to correct their bites or to change their position.

As such, orthodontics is often associated with adolescents. You may be surprised that seven-year-olds can benefit from early orthodontic treatment. There are increasingly earlier diagnoses of orthodontic treatments that can be very beneficial for their dental health in the future at Hi5ortho.

If orthodontic treatment is recommended

If orthodontic treatment is required, it usually means that there is an issue that could become more severe in the future. These problems include underbites or crossbites, which can lead to painful malocclusions (misalignments), and may cause jaw and joint pain.

Orthodontic treatment may be recommended if the teeth are placed in such a way as to cause the recession and worsening of the gums. This is a sign that the orthodontist can identify problems and determine the best time to begin treatment.

The orthodontist will examine your child's mouth, teeth, and jaws during the first visit. The orthodontist will ask the child to clench his teeth and ask questions about any problems with chewing, swallowing, clicking or popping in the jaw.

An orthodontist might take X-rays to examine the mouth and teeth and determine if any permanent teeth need to be placed.

There are differences between girls and boys. This treatment is often started on girls between 13-14 years of age. They are more comfortable with braces and feel less self-conscious when they reach their teens.

Orthodontics is an option

Orthodontic treatment is an option if you have a functional bite. However, it would improve the aesthetics and align your teeth. Straighter teeth can lead to increased self-confidence and a better self-image. Straighter teeth are more likely to get cavities. It is also easier to maintain your teeth clean. It is important to remember that in these cases, orthodontic treatment is not mandatory.