What Are The Benefits Of Using Plastic Pallets?

In any type of business, improving supply chain efficiency is one of the biggest challenges. It refers to the ability of any business to move goods from one place to another at an affordable price. When transporting or storing goods over large distances or over long periods of time, companies normally opt for wooden or plastic pallets.  You can also click this site to know more about the benefits of using plastic pallets.

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Although they both serve the same purpose, plastic has many advantages over wood in terms of transportation or storage.

Here are some of the benefits of using plastic pallets:


Plastic pallets have a longer life compared to wooden pallets. According to research, wood is only useful for about 3 consecutive uses before having to be thrown away. This means that the company will have to incur significant replacement and repair costs. 

Plastic, on the other hand, can be used more than 50 times. Therefore, it makes more economic sense to use the latter.

Moisture resistance

When wooden pallets come into contact with water, they absorb moisture and become brittle. This proves to be a major disadvantage during transportation or storage. Plastic, on the other hand, is resistant to moisture. They would not be attacked even if they were immersed in water.

Less space required

For transportation, wooden pallets are impractical because they have to be stacked on top of each other and take up a lot of space. In turn, more space leads to higher transportation costs. Plastic is cheaper to transport because it doesn’t need to be organized and therefore takes up less space.