Understanding the Different Types of Massage Therapy

It's true that there are over 80 different types of massage therapy on the market.  Some of the most well-known choices include deep tissue massages, sports massages, Swedish massage, reflexology, Acupressure, chair massage, and there is a myriad of others that are available.

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One of the numerous kinds of massage therapy can be referred to as acupressure therapy. It is not only applied to humans today however, it is also used for canine and equine massage as well. The Meridian Therapy is the basis for this massage, and it will result in key areas of the body being pressured. 

This can help relieve tension as well as blockages within the body, which allows circulation of the energy to be restored to normal. Reflexology is yet another of the various forms of massage therapy that are available. It originates from Oriental medical practices too. There are specific areas on the soles of the feet that are linked to various organs and systems in the body.

When you apply pressure to these various zones, the body's systems and organs are stimulated, which can result in relief. While it is typically performed on the feet, reflexology may also be applied to the hands, the body, or even on the face.

Sports massage is excellent for athletes and is one kind of massage therapy commonly found nowadays. It can help to prevent injuries from occurring and can also help keep your health in good shape. The massage uses not just some of the techniques used in Swedish massage, it also utilizes some of the techniques found in many different treatments that involve touch.