Tips to Succeed in Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a game played in the basement by an opponent and it is similar to playing T-ball with large yellow plastic bats. While playing table tennis, it can be difficult to get the ball to the right position to score points once you have learned the rules. You can get best table tennis tables at

Watching other players play is often the best way to learn how you can play. This helps you to understand the rules and how the ball moves.

These are some strategies and tips to improve table tennis play against one or multiple opponents.

  • Strategy:

You should choose a strategy that highlights your strengths and exposes your opponent's weaknesses. You can mix up the ball placement between long and short shots.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination: 

The ball's return will determine its placement on the table and the height it bounces off of the table. During serves, pay attention to the opponent's hands and the direction of the ball.

  • Angle or force:

Any slightest variation in the angle or force of your paddle will have an impact on the direction of the ball. Both force and angle are affected by the choice of an overhand or sub-hand stroke.

  • Placement of the Body:

To get the best reflex response, stand at least two steps from the edge of the table.

  • Control your emotion:

Better results will be achieved by players who are more in control of their emotions. A positive mental attitude and playing with fewer distractions will lead to better mental performance.

  • Comfortable clothing:

Comfortable clothing is essential for playing well in games. Shoes that are too tight or new should be avoided and soles should be compatible with the playing surface's grip.