Tips for Installing LED Downlights In Ocean Grove

You should first be certain of what type of fittings are currently in your home or office where you want to install LED downlights. Then, you will need to buy lights for these fittings. If you have GU10 fittings in your house, then make sure to get LED downlights that are GU10-compatible. 

Take a few photos of the fittings to determine if they are suitable for LEDs. These tips will help you install them once you have identified the fittings. You can also hire professional local electricians in Ocean Grove for installing led downlights.

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Use LED transformers – Some lights will require transformers, while others won't. This depends on how the wiring is set up in a building. A transformer is required for households that have appliances sold online. 

Before you buy LEDs, it is a good idea first to check the wiring in your home to determine which transformers or fittings you will need.

Use Dimming Switches – You will need to purchase compatible dimmers if you plan to use a dimmer to control the lighting. Because traditional dimmers do not work with LED lighting, you will need a specialized dimmer. Most companies selling LED downlights will provide a list of compatible dimmers or recommended dimmers that can help you choose the right one.

Soldering LED downlights – The LEDs' lights must be soldered to the fixture at least 3 mm away from the resin base. These lights should not be subject to any mechanical force. You can even search online for more information about led downlight installation in Ocean Grove.