Things To Do In Phillip Island

Phillip Island is beautiful in autumn. Victoria's favorite island, Phillip Island, enjoys beautiful sunny days and clear skies in Autumn. Phillip Island offers 101km 2 worth of incredible experiences that you can discover. You can also plan the best Phillip Island day tour via

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It is close enough to Melbourne, but far enough that it feels like you have had a true escape. Take in the season changes and enjoy the milder days of winter.

1. Enjoy the warm, lingering weather by taking part in water activities at Phillip Island's gorgeous beaches. You can learn to surf with Island Surfboards, stand up paddleboard, or take a kayak trip with Pioneer Kayaking. Or, you can find a quiet beach corner and enjoy the sun.

2. Rent an E-Bike and explore Phillip Island on two wheels.

3. Relax and enjoy an evening at the Penguin Parade's beach, watching the penguins return home at sunset.

4. You can cruise to Australia's largest fur seal colonies on a Wildlife Coast cruise.

6. You can watch a sunrise or a sunset. Autumn is a great time to see the sunrise or set. Newhaven, Cowes East Beaches, and Rhyll are the best places to see the sunrise. Cowes or any of the South Coast beach lookouts are good for sunset.