How To Replace Your Car Battery

You can replace the battery yourself or use the services of a trusted and experienced car repair shop. The hardest part about changing it is getting it out of the car. The problem is the weight of the battery. However, before you change this, you need to know if it's time to change it.It also matters which car model you are using e.g. if you are using mitsubishi pajero you need to check the batteries which are compatible with pajero models.

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It is recommended to monitor the battery life and replace it in time to avoid blocking.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when changing it yourself.

  • Make sure the vehicle is off, the emergency brake is on and the vehicle is in the parking area.

  • Avoid spilling battery acid on clothes or paint

  • Connect the cable to the appropriate terminal

Here are instructions for replacing a car battery.

Gather the necessary materials

The first thing to do is replace it. Find out what type of battery is needed and pay attention to the make, model and size of the motor. It is also important to create a suitable working environment prior to transfer. 

Remove the old battery

To remove the old battery you have to find it. It is located in an accessible location on both sides of the vehicle frame. It's actually a battery box with two wires connected. There are some exceptions. Some cars have the battery under the trunk mat, some under the back seat, and some in the wheel fenders. 

Clean the tray

Use baking soda and a battery cleaning solution to remove any traces of corrosion that may have been left on the shell. Clean the cable connector with a wire brush. Use a battery cleaner to remove any traces of corrosion from the terminals.

Insert new battery

Insert a new battery with the positive and negative poles on the right side. Connect the screws, clamps, and rods to keep them in place. Connect the plus and minus terminals and close the suction.

Take old batteries to a recycling center

Dispose of used batteries at an auto parts, service station, or recycling center. Remember not to throw the battery in the regular trash.

If you stick to the strategies outlined above, you can easily replace your car battery.