Short Background Facts About Macho Fern

The macho fern (Nephrolepis biserrata) is a large fern that is beautiful and grows well both indoors and outdoors. This fern has a bright green fringe that can grow up to 3 to 4 feet in length, outperforming other common fern varieties such as the Boston fern.

The macho fern is an ideal plant for a large outdoor jar or pot, or for any large room in your home that needs greenery. While macho ferns are not very delicate ferns, they do require certain growing conditions to thrive. You can also add to cart macho fern plants from online website to enhance your house beauty.

macho fern

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Macho fern care

If you're used to caring for other types of ferns, caring for macho ferns is no different. Macho ferns grow in warm, shady conditions with constant humidity and are usually found near swamps and other humid places in the southern states of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. 


When grown outdoors, macho ferns should be placed in a shaded or partially shaded area. They are often grown in large planters under covered verandas or in the shade of an outdoor patio. Avoid placing this fern in a location that receives direct sunlight throughout the day, especially on hot sunny days, as its delicate leaves can easily burn.