Why Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Is Important?

Bend your legs and ensure that your back is straight when lifting something. What happens if you lift something that is heavy? What if your hot tub and spa covers appeared heavier than normal? A mistake could lead to straining muscles within your lower back.

 It is not a good idea to feel as if opening your spa is taking away your energy and closing it can feel like you are completely beyond your control. This is why spa covers have been made to be light.

Covers for hot tubs and spas are all about the insulation that good spa and hot tub covers accomplish. The covers are made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. EPS foam in Hawaii, which is usually white, is formed by the combination of the chemicals benzene and ethylene to make a compound known as styrene. 

packaging the Bottles

When it is treated with other chemicals the styrene molecules are polymerized. To expand the beads and bond them the polymerized styrene particles are injected by steam with low pressure.

Expanded Polystyrene, now tough and sealed-called, is now ready to be used for packaging (to cushion, particularly fragile things) materials, and for insulation of buildings. The foam's strength and insulation for weight ratios is why spa covers that are insulated with this type of foam are the most popular in the market.

Spa covers are used to seal the spa, preventing heat from escaping. They sit on the hot tub's surface, keeping the heat inside the time that the water in the spa is heated. The covers also shield older people and children from falls that could be accidental, and dead insects, leaves as well as other nuisances from getting into the spa.