Few Different Types Of WeChat Advertising

WeChat ads can be disappointing due to the lack of consistent online information. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether companies can place advertisements if they are not registered as legal entities in China.

WeChat ads are available in various formats on the platform. The main difference is based on the purpose and target audience. You can find the best WeChat advertising agency via https://www.sekkeistudio.com/digital-marketing-services/wechat-weibo-marketing/.

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The two different types are:

1. WeChat Moment

This type of ad is the most popular format for many advertisers. Moments mimics Facebook's functionality and is WeChat's answer to Facebook's news feed. WeChat Moments is the main feed that many users scroll through to find their daily social media updates from friends and family.

Examples of ads on WeChat Moments

WeChat Moments ads appear in users' Moments feeds as friends' social posts. This ad model copies organic posts but is denoted by a "Promotion/Ad" sign in the top right corner of the post.

2. Official WeChat Account

The official account is a verified account that publishes articles on WeChat every day. WeChat Official Account Advertising will buy/bid banner ad space for items in specific accounts. This method is based on the WeChat algorithm and aims to place your banner ad below articles that your target audience is most likely to follow and read.