Independent Living: Modifying your bathroom to accommodate disabled or elderly guests

Christmas is certainly a fantastic time to be with your family. If your disabled or elderly family members have trouble navigating around the bathroom, here are some simple and fast methods to make it more suitable to their requirements.

Within the independent Living bathroom range, various accessories such as short-term accessible shower, handrail, etc are available. You'll be able to find many options that can help you build an accessible bathroom that empowers people with mobility problems, whether it's due to a disability or age.

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In this article, we'll explore the ways to modify your bathroom to accommodate those with disabilities or elderly house guests and still have a fashionable and functional bathroom for the family that everyone will enjoy.

Adapt your bath with the Mangar inflatable bath lift and bathing cushion

Perfect for those who find it difficult to get into and out of the tub, this Mangar bathtub lift inflatable and cushion are easy methods to modify to a straight bath that allows for ease of access and exit.

When the time is right to leave, the backrest can be reinflated, bringing the bather to the level of the bath's edge which means no climbing is required, thereby decreasing the chance of falling or slipping.

Fit a grab rail

A grab rail can offer additional security for older relatives with mobility issues. They can also be crucial for those suffering from specific disabilities.

It could be a straightforward installation of an extra rail on the wall next to your bathroom to assist in getting out and in or even close to the shower. But, to get people to your toilets, it might require a bigger access rail to your home guests.