Choosing The Best Military Tents

Best doesn't always mean a high price. The same goes for finding the best tent. Buying a tent is not as easy as picking up a catalog and then buying the first tent that catches your eye.

Choosing the best military tent for your needs takes a lot of thought. Different types of tents can be used at different times of the year. Don't use the same tent you use for summer winter camping. You can also buy military tents via online.

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The time of year you go camping. Tents are divided into 3 types depending on the season. Year-round tents can be used all year round, although they won't withstand very harsh winter conditions, which is not an option for small winter camps.

The 3-season tent can also be used all year round and can withstand everything but the coldest of winters. The 4 season tent is designed for use in very cold climates.

Make sure the tent is made of water-resistant material, unlike the ones you can buy at Army Surplus stores. Check the seams and remove them for weather resistance. Rainwater can easily find its way through shabby layers. Some tents are also equipped with rain covers which provide additional protection from the rain.

Soil is also very important. The water should not be under you. You can also spread a tarp on the floor for added protection.