The Most Useful Test Automation Tools Of 2016

The market for applications has been changing and growing at a pace of knots. The QA department is constantly monitoring all fairs for new products within the IT area, especially those that deal with automation tools.

This is since, to test the functionality of an application, they usually conduct automated tests. With the aid of well-planned automation tests, testers can protect themselves from delays and also reduce the impact of human error during the testing process. You can click on to get android test automation services online.

This is where the usage of automation tools can make an enormous difference to the routine of the QA team. 

Today, there is a wide variety of specifically designed tools available in the software market. One of the advantages is the fact that not all are available on a cost-based basis and, furthermore the term "free of cost" doesn't mean a poor quality of the label.

What are the top automation tools of the year?

Robotium: The absolutely free software can be utilized during user interface testing or can assist in conducting black bow tests. It is suitable for Android applications and works with all versions starting from Android 1.6.

Testdroid: This game for mobile devices is designed to facilitate mobile application testing on each of the Android as well as iOS platforms. 

Appium: Another automation tool that is free is specifically designed for automated writing of tests. It works with Android versions (starting at Android 2.3) as well as the iOS platform. 

Selendroid: It is compatible with hybrid and native applications and works with a variety of Android devices at the same time. It is typically used for tests of the user interface on mobile devices.

To conduct desktop testing, mobile testing, or testing of websites effectively, these methods must be adapted for each business and every project.