Stun Guns Improve Safety in Subtle Ways

For the security professional and law enforcement officials, stun guns provide another critical intermediate step prior to lethal response levels. For the private citizen stun guns are universally acknowledged as a very effective way to protect yourself, your family, and your home.

Stun guns fill a much needed niche in the arenas of protection. Any police officer or security guard will tell you that batons and nightsticks can inflict some serious damage on any target. They are not considered lethal weapons, but they can be used to break bones and some officers, in the heat of battle, have bone too far and landed lethal blows. In the case of private citizens, baseball bats and tire irons are likely to be taken away and used against the homeowner, often with deadly consequences.

The answer is to arm yourself with one or more stun guns. Why? Think about these points.

o Easy to Conceal – Carrying a stun gun is a lot less conspicuous than walking around with a baseball bat.

o Easy to Carry – Petite stun guns make it easy to tuck in a purse or pocket and to hang from a battle belt holster. That keeps the non lethal weapon close to hand.

o Non Lethal for the Criminal – If you use a stun gun against someone intent upon personal assault or who is invading your home, the result will not be lethal. That reduces the likelihood of being sued by the criminal or his family.

o Non Lethal for the Homeowner – If the stun gun you attempt to use on a bad guy is taken away and used against you, while it will hurt like the dickens, it won’t kill you, either. In fact, some of the models have a disable pin which totally shuts down the unit.

In any case, stun guns leave you in a better position – personally and legally.