Starting Up a Book Club

Book clubs are a great reason for friends to come together, share a glass of wine, and be interested in reading. But apart from the social aspects, there are many other benefits of being in a book club. Here are my top 10 reasons to start a book club. A little inspiration may be all you need to start a book club that will lead a life-long, fun social club.

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Starting Up a Book Club

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You are more likely to read books outside of your favorite authors and genres. If you like romance books, you can't try a book in science fiction, but a friend's enthusiastic recommendation of a new book will inspire you to broaden your horizons.

1. Expand your horizons. You will get more from the books you read. When you discuss a book, you get insights and perspectives from other people.

2. Expand your circle of friends. There may be occasional guests in a book club, such as a local author, teacher, authority, or librarian, to discuss.

3. Social Causes. A book club can serve a social purpose by raising and donating books to local schools and libraries.

4. Resources. Tap into the experience and information that others can offer. It can be about books, book workshops, authors, places, etc.

5. Networking. Networking for jobs, business contacts, service provider recommendations, etc. can also arise in book clubs.

6. Research. Research for your trips, large purchases, colleges, etc. can be aided by book club members.

7. Outings. You do not have to limit your book club to someone's living room. For example, if you all read about a nearby setting – a famous restaurant, park, beach, etc.

8. Traveling. Larger trips, such as a book in New York City, London, or whatever city, maybe a great girl's week or weekend trip, with a stop on local hunting listed by the author.

9. Children. Passing on the love of reading to your children is so important. You can ask other parents for recommendations for books for children, or even start a book club with members' children

10. You. Remember that no matter how busy life is, you need a little time to relax and unwind.