Should You Use Reusable Cloths Instead of Paper Towels?

Nowadays, society is concerned with doing all that we can to help the planet. Even the smallest of things we do can add up over time and it's beneficial to know the simple adjustments we can implement in our lives to lessen the amount the carbon footprint we leave behind. One of the things people are thinking about is switching to using cloths that can be reused for everyday household cleaning instead of paper towels.

The argument made is that it requires lots of chemicals and energy to create them, consequently, even though they're biodegradable because they are made of wood, they're more harmful to the environment because of the method by which they are produced. You can buy the amazing paper towel from

However, when you really look at it, it is also taking energy and dyes to create the fabric that re-usable washing cloths (or perhaps our clothing) are made from. It's not quite as significant but you must also take into account that you'll need to consume water and energy every time you dump these cloths in the dryer and washer. In time, the amount of energy and water are likely to be more than you thought.

But when it comes to it, paper towels are biodegradable because of the materials they're made of. Therefore, if you throw one out, you won't have to worry that it'll end up in a landfill for many years. It will eventually decompose and be part of our lovely earth over and over.

The other, and the most convincing reason to choose reusable clothes is that they're easier on our wallets. This is certainly the case as we purchase the clothes once or use old clothes that we don't use any more. If we use coupons for paper towels properly, we can save tons of cash on them and so much that it may even influence your mind on what to buy.