Secure And Easy Password Management Strategies

Password Management Problems

Many people will often use the same password for most of the websites they use every day. This is often rather dangerous because a hacker can certainly access each of your services and personal information the moment only ONE of the websites you use everyday is breached. This could quite easily occur when you utilize the identical password or a fairly easy variation of one password for all of your web services.

Exactly how do we cope with this problem? Well, in this article I will present to you the conclusion of my long research and the solution.

Using Password Generators And Managers

Most users sadly do not even worry about Password Management and just use the same password for all of their services and programs. As outlined above, this practice is extremely dangerous. Users which tend to be a little more security conscious often use one of the available Password Managers or password vault manager which protect all the passwords in an encrypted file which is unlocked with a “Master Password”.


A better solution to managing passwords would be to use completely unique, extremely strong passwords for every service. And as an added layer of security, not to store any of this information anywhere. Following this approach means that if one service should be compromised, the rest would not be accessible with the same password.

It would also be impossible to derive the passwords for other services from the compromised password. And not storing any information or passwords anywhere, the security enhancement of this is self explanatory. This might strike you as impossible, but it is not.