Phases In Woman’s Body During Pregnancy

Blood volume is increased from 30% to 50% to support fetal development and increase heart rate.

During a baby's development, the pressure created by the new size and weight in the uterus causes the abdominal muscles to tighten and weaken, resulting in a swaying position.

The weight of the growing breasts also pulls the shoulders forward, weakening the muscles of the upper back. You can also get the best group fitness training by searching online.

Exercise and Benefits

Exercise offers many benefits for pregnant women, both physically and mentally. The advantages of an exercise program are

* stimulates the flow of adrenaline, which in turn increases energy levels;

* Reduces stress, thus improves mood and sleeps better at night;

* Promotes better weight control. Weight gain for pregnant women is normal. But some women can gain weight. Exercise can help maintain healthier weight gain during pregnancy while reducing the risk of gestational diabetes.

* Helps build core muscles. Stronger muscles mean a stronger core, which in turn reduces poor posture due to baby's weight and chest weight.

* Prevention of joint pain;

* Studies show that women who exercise during pregnancy tend to work less and work shorter hours. In fact, exercise strengthens your body and heart, which makes work easier.

* Helps in relieving constipation and passing gas (increases the speed of bowel movements;

* Help for faster recovery before pregnancy.