Oktoberfest Party Games – Raise Your Glasses

Oktoberfest is known internationally for its beer, food, and levity. To get in the mood, there's absolutely no reason why you can't bring home a little German and throw an Oktoberfest party. 

Games like the following are sure to invite laughter and enliven the event. You can also get information about oktoberfest cares through the web.


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Wiesn party game "Relay with beer mugs".

This Oktoberfest party game is great after everyone has pared in a few ales! It has to be played outside because it can get wet if you are not careful. All you need for this game are 4 large buckets, 2 pints of beer, and a surface long enough to play the game on. 

Players are divided into two equal teams and line up in a line, with the person at the head of each row receiving a glass of beer. The object of the game is for players to fill their team's buckets at the finish line, taking turns pouring "beer" from one bucket to another. 

The trick is that each player has to do this by filling the jar and balancing it in the palm of their hand as it descends. The first team to transfer all their "beers" is the winner of this Oktoberfest party game.

"What?" Oktoberfest party game

It's also a great game to play while the celebrations are on. After a few beers, guests won't understand their "nothing" from "what".