Nutritional Benefits Of Raw Cocoa Chocolate

Dark chocolate health benefits are abundantly more than normal food. You might even say that chocolates are a food that is super. Having raw, unprocessed cocoa functions as a very antioxidant-rich food on Earth. 

There's 1 thing to consider though, over 50 percent of the medicinal worth is destroyed during processing. There's a manufacturer that is doing something different. The makers of healthy chocolate make use of a patented cold-press procedure. If you are looking for something natural then you must buy dark chocolate from according to the taste.


This procedure produces a high antioxidant healthier chocolate that includes a medicinal value intact and never cooked outside of it. A 12g piece of chocolate, for example, has as much and maybe more antioxidants as 12 lbs. Of Tomatoes, or significantly more than 1.5 pounds of Spinach, or two lbs. of Raspberries.

Cocoa helps reduce cardiovascular disease, by increasing the output of cholesterol (HDL), which works to wash and clean blood vessels by damaging fats. Helping the bloodstream dilate easier, flavonoids allow more blood flow to the heart (nitric oxide (NO) stimulation ). 

This same goes for insulin-stimulated blood sugar uptake producing improved diabetic control. A few other things we find in chocolate are theobromine, a tiny quantity of caffeine, phenylethylamine (PEA-the"love-chemical"), and anandamide which increases mental comprehension. 

Research informs of the antidepressant effects of chocolate revealing both dopamine and serotonin levels are increased. Chocolate additionally helps suppress our appetite for carbs and helps decrease our fat intake. 

Cocoa by itself may also decrease appetites. The central nervous system is stimulated by the theobromine giving us additional energy. Theobromine, cousin to theophylline, helps open upward blood vessels to improve breathing as it is also utilized in cough medication.