Motorcycle Training: Things You Need To Know Before You Get On The Road

Once you've taken all the steps of learning to ride a motorcycle, there are a few things to consider before you hit the road.

First, make sure you are familiar with your state's laws regarding motorcycles. Learner's permits often have certain restrictions that prohibit carrying a passenger, traveling at night, riding on the freeway, or even whether or not you must wear a helmet. 

Even with a motorcycle endorsement, you may be considered a novice for a period of time and that may come with its own restrictions. To know more about motorcycle safety or training you can visit Motorcycle Rider Training Australia.

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In addition, there may be restrictions regarding the equipment of your motorcycle. There are many aftermarket products, such as brake lights with chasers, that are illegal in some states. Make sure adding a bike is legal before you buy it and install it on your ride.

Second, invest in protective gear. Leather and Kevlar are durable materials that can help protect you in a fall. Leather is also very good at blocking the wind and keeping the cold out. Wind tends to pass directly through knitted or woven fabrics, even micro knits and fleeces. 

Consider purchasing leather chaps to protect your legs as well, and at a minimum, wear long pants, if only to avoid burning your legs on hot engine parts. Keeping your knees to the side to avoid burning your bare legs is not a safe way to ride a bike, as it decreases stability.