Modern Woman’s Birthstone Necklaces

Modern women can accessorize with birthstone necklaces. You don’t have to be superstitious to wear birthstone necklaces. You can find many modern designs in jewelry shops online or by visiting this link These modern designs are fashionable but still charming.

They are also very popular with plain birthstone rings and bracelets. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a necklace for your mom or for yourself, it is important to know the exact birthstone for each month as well as its variations. The following paragraphs will describe each birthstone, along with its meaning and color. This can help you to identify the special woman in your life.

Garnet, a multicolored stone, is the January stone. It is a symbol of faith and loyalty. Amethyst stands for February. Its purple color denotes royalty, power, and is something that every woman born in the month of love should possess. Aquamarine is the color of youth and is for March. The April clear diamond stands for humility.

The May birthstone is Emerald, which is the color of wealth and prosperity. You can choose from pearl or moonstone for June. Moonstone, a pink gemstone that represents health, femininity, and compassion is the moonstone.

Pearls come in different colors. A brown pearl is a symbol of simplicity, reliability, and fertility. The month of ruby, July, is about health and strength. Peridot, also known as the color green, is August’s birthstone.

September’s color is sapphire. October is the opal, tourmaline, or orange, and December is turquoise, blue topaz, or opal. These stones all have a blue color which signifies happiness and confidence. Citrine is the last stone for November. Its orange color is a sign of warmth and energy.