How Is The Quality Of Packaging Materials Tested?

Packaging plays an important role in improving the quality of any product. By following the proper packing procedure, it is very easy to save products from various types of damage that occur during storage and transfer of goods from one place to different locations.

There is a great need for suitable quality test methods to help ensure and improve the best quality of raw materials and final products, to determine the quality of packaging products. Learn more about packaging testing methods via

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Listed below are some of the test equipment used in packaging manufacturing units to ensure the quality of packaging materials.

Cobb size testers

The Cobb size test is the test method used to test the water absorption strength of the packing material. This is vital for materials that are placed in wet working conditions. The Cobb measurement tester is an effective testing instrument that can help characterize the resistance to water infiltration offered by packaging material.

Drop tester

The drop tester is used to examine the impact of a drop on a corrugated cardboard box or multi-layer box when dropped from a defined height. With a drop tester, a user can easily determine what the impact of a drop could be on corrugated boxes at the time of transportation or storage.

Wear tester

Scraping or scraping is the process of deformation that occurs in paper and fabrics when rubbed against rough paper or fabric. The scratch test is performed with the help of a test instrument known as a scratch tester, which is an extremely efficient testing instrument that offers highly accurate results.