Construction Workers are Always on the Risk of Facing Accidents based on these Reasons

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Around 4000 people died reported by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Based on the number, around 19.6% lost their lives working in the construction industry. Construction workers are always faced with the risk of experiencing accidents while working. Moreover, in the worse-case scenario some workers do lose their lives. Let’s look at some of the reasons as to why construction workers are facing risks to accidents.

  1. When they Fall – One of the first reasons of accidents is by falling. In the absence of guardrails, a worker can fall down since there is no support.
  2. When they get Struck – Around 78 construction workers died in 2012 after getting hit when dealing with random materials and equipment. To avoid this problem, some form of training should be offered to the workers.
  3. When they get Electrocuted – Electrocution is another reason as to why about 66 construction workers died in 2012. Power lines becoming invisible at the worksite causes this problem.
  4. When they Use the Wrong Machine – Heavy machines like bulldozers, excavators play a huge role in the construction industry. Proper training and knowledge are required before any of the machines are operated. However, there are times when the operator who isn’t supposed to use a machine he isn’t trained for manages to try his hands. In that case, there are chances of the worker causing accidents and other major problems. Therefore, it is important to use the machine where the construction worker is meant to use.

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