All You Need To Know About Micro-Fest

The organizers of the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest this year are asking for everyone to "mask up" and "come celebrate!"

Friday marked the 52nd Bavarian Festival. The official ceremonies and keg tapping were live-streamed from the Region of Waterloo International Airport. 

The events will take place over three weekends and run until October 12. You can also get information about the best micro-festhalle through various online sites.

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Festivalgoers can enjoy local patios during the warm weather by starting this year's festival two weeks earlier than usual. Virtual events will offer many of the holiday festivities. 

Online donations will be accepted for the Onkel Hans Food Drive, and television will show the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Partner restaurants will be acting as "Microfesthallen" throughout the festival. They will offer live Oktoberfest entertainment, specials, and Livestream events.

Micro Movement will be held in Detroit between May 28th-May 31st at multiple venues. Detroit is where techno was born and has played a major role in the development and evolution of electronic music.

These circles of influence still exist, but they are smaller and more powerful due to their ability to be very specific about a topic and have a lot of credibility in that space.

Humans are wired to crave live interaction, even more so today, when we spend more time online. It is possible to create 'tribes', or areas that are dedicated for attendees, based on unique interests, backgrounds, and professions. This can facilitate effective networking.