All About Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report

A phase I environmental site assessment is also known as a phase I ESA. This document summarizes the entire site visit and records a detailed review of the property and its surroundings. 

This is done to assess whether additional investigation is necessary to understand any potential liability risks associated with the property. You can also get more information about phase 1 environmental via

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The records review process – The first stage of phase I of the ESAThe records review process includes reviewing the chain title and determining how the land is being used. A review of the historic aerial photograph is also done. This examines the area's development timeline. To gather information, local agencies such as fire departments or health departments are also contacted.

Site reconnaissance – The importance of the role of environmental site assessment phase I. The visual inspection of the actual property is also performed. Each of the property's boundary measurements is carefully inspected and observable during this stage. Although detailed photographs of the property are taken, there is no sampling or physical testing that is done during this first phase.

The reporting stage requires official documentation of all findings and conclusions gathered during the assessment. Before a final conclusion can be reached on the environmental conditions, it is important to identify any significant gaps in the data.